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Pumpkin! She comes in almost every day. Her favorite book is American Savage by Dan Savage.
Cartoonist Bob Eckstein’s Greenlight Bookstore from The New Yorker. Check out his other favorite bookstores!

Small Business Saturday!

It’s that time of year again! It’s Small Business Saturday - what better way to celebrate than to support your favorite indie bookstore? We’ve got some sales going on that are sure to please! (We were also on MSNBC this morning with Chris Hayes… spreadin’ the good word of local businesses!)

We’ve got Kobo Mini ereaders on sale ~TODAY ONLY~ for $49 (down from $79)…

…and indie bestsellers for 20% off, too!


Yesterday, our booksellers rocked all hallows eve attire with glee! You certainly can’t say we lack in imagination.

Adam- Bert the Chimney Sweep from Marry Poppins

Anna- Dryad

Hannah- Lt. Uhura from Star Trek

Becky- Justin Bieber 

Leah- Miss Havisham

Liz- Eloise 

Amy- Harriet the Spy

Andrew- Trotsky (post-mortem)

Becky- Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter

Janet- The Girl with the Green Ribbon Around Her Neck

Sarah- “Hi My Name is Michiko Kakutani”

Anders- Fidel Castro

Mark- Jeans

Brad & Lissa- Uncle and Aunt Sam

We’re celebrating our third anniversary this weekend! We’re incredibly proud to be a Fort Greene staple, not to mention a place where book lovers from around the world have come to share their stories! Thank you!

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Shiny signed copies?

Would you lovely Tumbloggers be interested in signed copies of books? They’re the same price as regular stock, and we ship all over the U.S.!

Fall reading?

What Fall releases are you all looking forward to reading the most? Don’t be shy!

Yay! Our beautiful store!